Promotional T-shirts UK have been in the clothing industry for 20 years, the expertise within the team is immense with growing knowledge from old members to new members and diversifying the range of style, colour and design to new levels.

Now there are increasing opportunities for designing unique images on plain garments. There are specific T-shirt Printing processes when choosing the correct end product:

Choosing the correct garment and style is as important as the design itself, having many different styles from lightweight, heavyweight, fashionable and fitted garments, this can be a lengthy decision having such a large range of garments to choose from.

Ask yourself the following questions before finalising the T-shirt Printing order:

  1. Do they need to be lightweight, heavyweight or fitted?
  2. Do they need to be printed in different colour ways?
  3. Do they need to be unisex, men’s, women’s or kids?
  4. Do they need to be organic and ethically manufactured?

Next process is to choose from the Printing method, the two common printing methods are screen printing and transfer printing. Transfer printing  is better for small orders, typically under 20 garments and screen printing is better for large orders above 20 garments. The main reasoning for this is because the set-up costs differ immensely. The set-up for a screen printing operation is much more time and money compared to the set-up of a transfer printing operation.

It is very important to get all these processes correct because some orders can be up to 1000 garments and if the set-up goes wrong then you will end up with a lot of garments which you are not satisfied with.

Taking the first steps and understanding the process is very important and our job is to explain this in the easiest possible way for the perfect operation.

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